Kakwenza’s book narrates what the novelist suffered from December 28, 2021 when his door was broken into and his daring escape to Germany after the magistrate denied him access to his passport document. The book is another act of courage. In the same way that the violence he has suffered for his political writing increases with every arrest, his courage in the exposure of his suffering also increases. He also includes more shocking revelations of some things he was told during his first detention in 2020 that he had omitted from Banana Republic: Where Writing is Treasonous. The Savage Avenger is a warning. Courage is the barest element of creative writing. Kakwenza excels at it and continues to pay with his health, wellbeing and life, for it. The book contains a foreword by Prof. Helen Epstein and an afterword by Prof. Milton Allimadi.

The Savage Avenger
170 pages, first published in 2023
ISBN 978-3-9825132-2-5

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